Democrats are still Clueless

Democrats are still Clueless

Democrats never had any chance at beating the Donald. They didn’t because the have no idea who or what they are dealing with.

Last week I read an article about a Democrat activist who tweeted horrific and vile statements aimed at Amy Coney Barrett and her adopted children. Others joined in of course but his were the lowest. It was the same kind of sick and twisted comments that all non-liberals have had to put up with for decades. Lies, insinuations and unsubstantiated accusations.

These kinds of statements do work and you can read why in my article: Own the Minds of Millions. What I left out were the unintended consequences. That there are real people on the receiving end of these attacks who’s lives are turned upside down and crushed. They then turn to others for support. To their co-workers. To their friends. To their sons and daughters, families and loved ones. But now things have changed.

Now they have me. Now they have my friends. Now they fair radio and news outlets to tell their story. Now they have fellow Americans in every state, in every city and on every street routing for them. Now they have tens of millions of strangers banded together to oppose this garbage. And now we all have Trump leading the way.

Nothing Trump has ever tweeted comes anywhere close to the filth spewed daily from elected Democrats, the mainstream media and Hollywood. Their words of hate have become so commonplace liberals barely hear them. They are no longer capable of contemplating what the impact might be after falsely labeling millions of people as racists, white supremacists and now human traffickers. I can tell you – Trump’s re-election.

To this day most Democrats are still trying to figure out why anyone would vote for Trump. How anyone can stand his tweets. Many still even think the Russians had something to do with it.

Democrats have no concept of the backlash they created or what they are dealing with.

Full Disclosure:
I know this Democrat lowlife. His name is Dana Houle and he was my high school cross-country coach at Athens High School in Troy Michigan.

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