I found this option while re-booking my trip and looking up more things to do. Ride ATV’s in the mountains around Medellin – seemed like a great plan.

I ended up booking it right through the Charlee Hotel’s best concierge lady, Daniela. Michael went with me and it was all that I hoped for.

It was a 40 minute drive and right near the airport (one of the pics below actually shows the planes parked at MDE airport – we were a few hundred yards away!). I set the ride length at 2hours and they recommended a complete change of clothes from head to toe.

I loved every minute. It helped to have 15 years of motorcycling experience but I think the one day I went snowmobiling in the mountains of Tahoe helped even more. “Always stand up, never slow down, and use your body to steer.” was my “friend’s” primary instructions. I hated that day because “my friend” expected me to drive his new snowmobile up and down the side of a forested mountain perfectly – routes that had taken him many hours to master. After 3 hours of treacherous riding and constant verbal abuse, 2 sprained wrists and 1 run in with a tree I gave up in protest. Riding an ATV was easy compared to that.

We arrived at the ATV staging house and quickly signed a release form, put on the jacket, gloves and helmet, listened to the 2 minute summary of ATV controls and we were off.

I had to hold the camera in one hand and drive with the other so I couldn’t film me riding the more challenging areas. The best one being the steeper-than-it-looks watery hill climb which I did film Michael doing. I stood up and gunned it until I reached the top and had a huge smile the whole time.

Other photos from the day