Michael and I headed up to Comuna13 to check it out. He had been multiple times so we didn’t hire a tour guide. We took an Uber but he let us off far from the start. As we walked a young lady passed and Michael asked for directions. She brushed him off and kept walking. Michael asked again, she stopped, talked with Michael briefly and then walked with us the 2 or so kilometers to the start of Comuna13. Michael tipper her COP 20,000 for her 30 minutes of guiding.

I basically looked at amazing murals and walked up windy streets with vendors and ongoing tours all around me.

We stopped for a bit at an art studio. I loved the painting featured on this post. I looked into buying the original which after a phone call to the artist I was quoted COP 8,000,000. I was very tempted but left with just a print of it done on canvas for COP 15,000.