Anyone wanting to get started in crypto will have to get a two-factor authenticator (aka 2FA). I found this requirement annoying and I resisted. Why do I need yet another log in thingy? I already have to respond to emails and texts and pay for a password manager. Since starting in crypto’s I quickly found that I also had to use either my laptop or phone with their built-in cameras in order to register with some sites or to unlock the features of others. Photos of driver’s license and passport, pictures of my face and yet others even required specific poses like putting my left hand on top of my head. Now they say I need yet another app? Good luck in engaging in illegal activities using crypto’s.

I wanted to keep on with crypto’s and had no interest in human trafficking so I conceded. I tried one recommended authenticator which worked for a few sites but then not others. I just wanted one. By far the most widely and loudly recommended app is Google Authenticator. That was a problem for me. Since I prefer some semblance of privacy I refuse signing up to any new “free” google products as I would rather pay for something than be the product. If you love google and use it for everything, I get it, it is often difficult to beat google’s functionality, but occasionally you can.

The only 2FA app you need to use Authy.

Virtually every site will reference the Google Authenticator app but you always just use Authy. In the world of crypto this is the one app that universally works and it works on all platforms, all phones and all sites.

Below is a screenshot from one crypt site and they note to use Google three times! I promise that Authy will work everytime. I have more crypto accounts than any human could possibly need and Authy has worked on them all.

Authy posted a blog with more info.

Only issue is Authy is that it is free. Are they somehow selling my info as well? How do they make money? I read through their site and found a number of ways that they are selling their services to businesses and developers. I don’t have hard facts on this besides reading their site. I do know that their app works and works well and I believe that there is a good chance that my information is safe with them.