You need to track your cryptos.

My good friend has a sophisticated spreadsheet that tracks every exchange, every transaction and even has notes for every thing he does and thinks. This spreadsheet also tracks a lot more than that but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. There is no possible way most people will do what he does – including me.

But you still need to track it. First off you need to keep a journal that is simply a flat file of chronological notes. The journal is comforting. I have 10+ exchanges/wallets and dozens of coins and on those days when I start moving large sums around, which can take anywhere from seconds to days to materialize, I really needed something to fall back on to remember what the heck I did. No one else can track what you think you did.

Additionally I use the following three sites as coin aggregators to give me live feedback on everything I own and where everything is… – tracks your coins. This is the first one I used. Seems fine. I like it. – tracks your coins – similar to Gives a little bit more info and in a different way and I like having multiple trackers. I pay for the PRO version ~$5/month. Basically free. – tracks your coins for tax purposes. Costs $99 for 1,000 transactions or $179 per year for up to 3,000 transactions. You need a coin tax tracker. I tried two others but this had a reasonable fee and easier to use with better information.

These are my trackers until someone shows me a better one.


• Use the same email for all crypto accounts. Once you set your email they can be difficult if not impossible to change. I believe all the trackers above are easy to change but exchanges and wallets are typically not.

• Do not use Coinbase, Google, Facebook etc to login. I had used coinbase to login to various crypto apps but this became a nightmare when trying to log in to the same account on my phone. I ended up deleting everything and starting over though I think there is a way to change it later. Once I switched to simply using email and password I had no issues with phone apps.

• Getting comfortable linking accounts takes time, it isn’t easy and it often fails. You will need to download csv files and then upload them, you will need to create api’s and copy it along with the secret key and/or passphrase etc into a secure password manager and then paste them all into your trackers. It is annoying, it is not intuitive and it is complicated. Every exchange and wallet is different and some are easy while others are next to impossible. Sometimes I just needed to step away for an hour or a day and do the exact same thing and voila. Basically, expect to be frustrated. Or just take it one step at a time and realize this isn’t easy and much of this is not your fault.

But it must be done.