Can the underdog Biden beat Trump?

Biden has been a distant underdog since his campaign started. Does he still have any chance to win?


Below are my 5 reasons why Trump will win vs the 2 that Joe has. (I do have more for Trump - search Trump accomplishments using a non-partisan search engine like Duck-Duck-go to get a few hundred more).

Full Bias Disclosure: I have been hoping Joe would be the nominee since this started which would ensure a Trump re-election. Up until a recently I kept waiting for Democrats to get woke and nominate a viable candidate, but inconceivably they stuck with Joe. How could Democrats replicate their 2016 failures and hand it to Trump again?

Osama Bin Laden wanted Joe Biden to lead the USA into a Crisis

While it was my dream to have Biden as the nominee so Trump would win, it was Osama Bin Laden's dream to put Biden in office to destroy America. David Ignatius highlighted in a 2012 Washington Post article Osama's plot to assassinate Obama which "automatically will make [Vice President] Biden take over the presidency....Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis". (this piece is enlightening on many levels so I highly suggest it.) Democrats and America's most infamous enemy have a lot in common.

This is an old story which few remember. Also, a reasonable person should conclude that Osama Bin Laden cannot be considered a reliable character witness and regardless of how much time he spent pondering how to destroy America, the cave drawings of a lunatic should not be held in high regard.

No one has to remember this story. No one has to take Osama's thoughts seriously. Americans will consider the underlying premise automatically and with good reason. Does Biden have the will and motivation to defend America against attacks and what would his response to them be. What do his voters want him to do? Which is not encouraging: Antifa burns a US flags while shouting "Death to your F**king empire." Which candidate do you trust to wipe out those that attack us? To only send our soldiers into harms way as a last resort and with an exit plan? To bring them back quickly? To not tie their hands with ludicrous rules of engagement?

Don't count on the sewer rats of Washington like the Bush, or the Obama's assuming you want the USA to win. What about Biden? Good luck with that.

Trump detailed a clear path to foreign policy victories in his 2015 book Crippled America ...

"The so-called insiders within the Washington ruling class are the people who got us into this trouble. So why should we continue to pay attention to them?

Some of these so-called "experts" are trying to scare people by saying that my approach would make the world more dangerous. More dangerous? More dangerous than what? More dangerous than where we are now? Here's what I know - what we are doing now isn't working."

"My approach to foreign policy is built on a strong foundation: operate from strength." Trump

  • Military Strength
    • "Build up the military to buy peace" "Peace through strength"
    • "Maintain the strongest military in the world, by far"
    • "The best way to NOT to have to use your military power is to make sure that power is visible."
    • Build-up our military using American factories and workers - not overseas
    • Make our allies pay for the protection we provide. South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, most of Europe, Britain etc. If our sons and daughters lives are on the line for you then we damn well ought to be paid for it.
    • "Sending our sons and daughters should be the very last resort."
    • "We cannot commit American troops to battle without a real and tangible objective."
    • "If we are going to intervene in a conflict, there had better be a direct threat to our national interests. The threat should be so obvious that most American will know where the hot spot is and will quickly understand why we are getting involved. Also, we'd better have an airtight plan to win and get out."
  • Economic Strength
    • "Every deal I make will have one objective - America wins"
    • "Demonstrate a willingness to use our economic strength to reward those countries that work with us."
    • "Punish those countries that don't - go after banks and financial institutions that launder money for our enemies."
    • "We need to use the economic strength of American markets and the American consumer to assist our friends and remind our enemies about the benefits of cooperation."

More Disclosure: I feel betrayed by the Bush and Obama administrations for giving them my support for the wars in the middle east. At the time I truly believed "Washington experts" knew what they were doing and trusted them to do right. As the years went on it became clear that didn't know what they were doing, never had a plan and unconscionably tied the hands of our brave men and women in the battlefield. Either fight to win or bring them home! Trump has been writing about these failed and doomed Washington foreign polices since 2000. Trump has been right from the beginning.

This is Biden's third attempt at running for president

2008 Dropped out after capturing less than 1% of the vote in the Iowa caucas.

1988 Dropped out after three months when he was caught plagiarizing speeches, lying about his academic credentials and plagiarizing done while in law school at Syracuse.

These were embarrassing results! Why the Democrats selected him after these two previous failures is astonishing. Joe simply hasn't demonstrated that he has the magnetism or the character required to become president. While most people aren't going to remember that he plagiarized 5 pages of a 15 page paper while in law school, they don't have to. Anyone can see that he just doesn't have "it".

Anecdotally I haven't met anyone really excited about Biden. I received one recommended slate from a Democrat friend who gave the glowing endorsement: "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - Not the best so I am holding my nose!"

Biden is in Worse Physical and Mental shape than Hillary was

Biden's deteriorating physical/mental condition is serious. Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's 2016 run where she was falling over and having difficulty standing.

Biden's lack of mental awareness is striking. Biden isn't right. He isn't strong. He isn't mentally with it.

I did a quick test: Search "biden mental health" using Duck-Duck-Go vs Google. Google will display many articles stating Biden is fine - nothing to see here while Duck-Duck-Go will list the vast number of videos showing Biden's deteriorating mental state. Why anyone uses Google anymore is a mystery to me.

This is not Joe Biden's fault. Most of us will all get there and as I have written in my Covid articles I have a great respect for our elderly and that the young need to honor, defend and care for them. I think Joe deserves more than an Obama pain pill and should properly cared for but I don't see how anyone thinks he is fit to be president.

Enthusiasm for Trump is beyond compare

Gateway Pundit has been keeping track of rally attendance.

Trump Biden
880,070 1,646
I have determined that Biden's numbers were underestimated by Gateway Pundit. At least two of Biden rallies had triple the number stated. (Dan B 6:51pm 11-2-2020)

The enthusiasm and love for Trump by his voters is unlike anything I have ever seen in politics. Just watch a rally. Any rally. "We love Trump" over and over by the tens of thousands in attendance. It is either unbelievably heart-warming or terrifying depending on your voting preference but you can't ignore it. You can't say it doesn't matter.

Trump rallies are bigger than in 2016 - 70% more attendance.

Non-liberal radio hosts which were predominately and vehemently anti-Trump have all changed to pro-Trump or at least conceded he is doing far better than they ever hoped. (If you know of a non-liberal radio host who still hates Trump send me a comment and I will update this article immediately.)

I haven't heard of a single caller to these radio stations that voted for Trump in 2016 but won't in 2020. (There must be at least one but I haven't heard it. Again send me a comment and I will update.)

Every person I know who voted for Trump, voted third party or abstained in 2016 will ALL be voting for Trump in 2020.

I understand some of this is anecdotal which you can ignore but you simply cannot ignore what is happening...

The massive boat parades

Huge Latinos for Trump car rallies

The peaceful walking parades and rallies (This is not Anitfa or BLM so no buildings were burned or people assaulted during the making of this video.)

More car parades. These are in every state and almost every city. Car, flag, boat etc. They are everywhere.

And Cowboys for Trump?

And Amish Parades? Who the hell gets Amish parades? Trump - that's who

And Italy? February 2019 but I had to include it.

Compare that to Biden enthusiasm....It's virtually zero or when they do get a crowd its Trump Supporters...

Zero energy for Biden.

Kamala escorted out of Texas City by Trump supporters - Amazing!!!!

Biden Corruption is proven and documented

This has been known for a long time. Biden and his family, like Hillary, is getting rich by selling out American interests to foreign countries and companies.

This is the New York Post story being suppressed by all Democrats. (Google, New York Times, ABC, CBX, CNN, Twitter, Facebook, MSNBC, etc etc)

More Hunter Biden stories.

Rush Limbaugh can explain it. This audio will only be available for 48hours.

The Black Vote is increasing for Trump

Trump asked the simple question to America's black communities "What the hell do you have to lose?" Before you mock it or if you haven't been paying attention you need to remember that Democrats haven't solved any systemic problems in America's black communities - ever.

I was briefly excited hearing news that Ice-Cube had endorsed Trump. I was even more excited to learn that Ice-Cube in no way, shape, manner or form endorsed Trump. He did one better. He asked questions and wants results - from whomever is in power. He wants black communities to improve, to have money and to have the respect that they deserve. He is demanding action and forward progress. Something we should all want.

He said the "the system is fucked up" that there is a "dedication to keeping us at the bottom of this country and I don't know if we can count on any parties to get us out this shit to be honest so we are going to have to do a lot of things different as a black community. We have to pool our resources. We have to think about ourselves."

Listen to the whole thing. Just 8 minutes. Click on the picture. Then click play.

Damn straight no one should count on Democrats. Damn straight no one should count on Republicans. Both parties have let Americans down for decades which is why millions of non-Liberals banded together in 2016 and elected an outsider. Trump. Trump is and always will be hated by both parties in Washington, their media, their talking heads and their elites. Best case is we get 4 more years of Trump cutting into their corruption, eliminating their side deals, and for once actually helping Americans. But then what. More Clinton, Obama, Bush, Romney, Ryan bullshit - hell no. American's need to take back their country from these two parties. I think the two parties are actually: Washington vs the American Citizens. Most American's I have met are decent and kind and want the same thing. Washington plays us and divides us for their own benefit.

Now listen to what the mainstream media tries to do to a truly independent thinker like Ice-Cube. And ask yourself why? Why should any black man not seek to improve the quality of his or his communities life?

Because The Democratic Party (is) Still Tricking “Black” People.

But the truth is finally slipping out.

Nolte: Poll Shows Black Support for Trump at 31 Percent

Shock Poll: Donald Trump Down One Point Among Black Voters in Battleground Michigan

Whitlock: White Liberals Are ‘Threatened by’ Independence, Self-Determination of Black People — ‘They Want Us Dependent upon Them’

World Star Hip Hop Features Black Voter Canvassing for Trump: ‘He Ain’t a Racist, and a Damn Good President’

Voter Fraud and Hate is all Joe has

Joe has two outs to win:

  1. Convince otherwise decent people that Trump is a racist
  2. Voter fraud

I think Democrats have done as much damage as can be done to divide us with hate. I am not sure that will actually be much of a factor this time around, or if it is it will be to Trump's advantage in that people are sick of it. However they do have voter fraud. It is rampant and it is massive.

Project Veritas - Omar Connected Harvester SEEN Exchanging $200 for General Election Ballot."We don't care illegal."

Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme: "Car is full" of absentee ballots

Democrats are still Clueless

Democrats never had any chance at beating the Donald. They didn't because the have no idea who or what they are dealing with.

Last week I read an article about a Democrat activist who tweeted horrific and vile statements aimed at Amy Coney Barrett and her adopted children. Others joined in of course but his were the lowest. It was the same kind of sick and twisted comments that all non-liberals have had to put up with for decades. Lies, insinuations and unsubstantiated accusations.

These kinds of statements do work and you can read why in my article: Own the Minds of Millions. What I left out were the unintended consequences. That there are real people on the receiving end of these attacks who's lives are turned upside down and crushed. They then turn to others for support. To their co-workers. To their friends. To their sons and daughters, families and loved ones. But now things have changed.

Now they have me. Now they have my friends. Now they fair radio and news outlets to tell their story. Now they have fellow Americans in every state, in every city and on every street routing for them. Now they have tens of millions of strangers banded together to oppose this garbage. And now we all have Trump leading the way.

Nothing Trump has ever tweeted comes anywhere close to the filth spewed daily from elected Democrats, the mainstream media and Hollywood. Their words of hate have become so commonplace liberals barely hear them. They are no longer capable of contemplating what the impact might be after falsely labeling millions of people as racists, white supremacists and now human traffickers. I can tell you - Trump's re-election.

To this day most Democrats are still trying to figure out why anyone would vote for Trump. How anyone can stand his tweets. Many still even think the Russians had something to do with it.

Democrats have no concept of the backlash they created or what they are dealing with.

Full Disclosure:
I know this Democrat lowlife. His name is Dana Houle and he was my high school cross-country coach at Athens High School in Troy Michigan.

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Rush Limbaugh

Why do people vote for Trump? As opposed to “why YOU think they voted for him” which is meaningless conjecture.

This should have been the most important and commonly asked question since 2016, not only in the United States but around the world.

Washington Republicans should have asked this in order to emulate him, Washington Democrats should have asked this in order to defeat him.
Everyone else should have been at least somewhat curious.

Sadly, many people now have a visceral hatred of both Trump and his voters and are no longer capable of the empathy and curiosity required to ask. I explain the tactic used to create this hatred here.

What is the worst that could happen to find out?

If your only news comes directly from those who hate Trump and his voters do you really think you are getting accurate information?

For those few who still don’t know and daring enough to find out this interview is the perfect start.